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Study of the Bible is the study of the Word of God. The Word of God created the heavens and the earth, and is the most powerful thing in the universe.1 God’s Word also contains the power to make you a new creation.2 God’s will is that you digest the word so that your soul will be restored to the perfection that man was originally created with, and it has the power to do this right now, today. You first however must eat and drink the word3, this is done primarily by believing the hearing and reading of the Word. When the Word enters your mind through prayer and study, it creates new desires4 as you understand and appreciate the love of your Creator for you.  The first desire that you will have is to share this experience of a changed life with others.

The record of the experience of the Samaritan woman in John 4 illustrates this point.

As soon as she had found the Saviour the Samaritan woman brought others to Him. She proved herself a more effective missionary than His own disciples. The disciples saw nothing in Samaria to indicate that it was an encouraging field. Their thoughts were fixed upon a great work to be done in the future. They did not see that right around them was a harvest to be gathered. But through the woman whom they despised, a whole cityful were brought to hear the Saviour. She carried the light at once to her countrymen.
This woman represents the working of a practical faith in Christ. Every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary. He who drinks of the living water becomes a fountain of life. The receiver becomes a giver. The grace of Christ in the soul is like a spring in the desert, welling up to refresh all, and making those who are ready to perish eager to drink of the water of life. (The Desire of Ages, p.192)

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There are many things in the Bible that don’t immediately make sense, and you must either study deeply, or obtain help from someone who does understand.5 God’s ways are not man’s ways, God’s thought’s are higher than man’s thoughts6 and it requires exercising the mind with the aid of the Holy Spirit to understand the thoughts that God wants to reveal to us.7  The idea of helping each other to understand God’s word is not new, the Bible contains a numerous examples of this, and it is our privilege to help those who need assistance.

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There are many resources and books that can help guide you to understand the Bible. We have listed a few good ones here for your reference.

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When you have experienced the power of the Gospel to change your life, you are now excited to share with others. The first thing you want to share is how your life was changed. Following that, your desire for more of the life giving Word leads you to study which prepares you to teach others and bring water from the well that continues to benefit you. This step is vital in maintaining your experience, because the more you share, the more you will receive.

Those who would be overcomers must be drawn out of themselves; and the only thing which will accomplish this great work, is to become intensely interested in the salvation of others. This does not mean that you are to convert men to your way of doing, or to compel them to view things in the same light as you do; but you are to seek to present the truth as it is in Jesus, and laboring to be a blessing to others, you will be blessed of God abundantly. That you have done and are doing something to enlarge the boundaries of the kingdom of God in rescuing poor souls from Satan’s yoke of superstition and error, will rejoice the heart, and broaden your ideas and plans. As you identify your interest with that of Christ, you will sanctify to God your talent of ability, influence, and means.  (Fundamentals of Christian Education, p.208)

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