Bernie Mundall Memorial Service

Bernard LeRoy Mundall was born January 1, 1943 in Takoma Park, Maryland to Dr. Raymond and Evelyn Mundall while Raymond was interning at the Washington Memorial Sanitarium and Hospital. The family moved to Glendale, CA five months later, and then to Oakdale, CA where they lived from 1946 to 1962. During this time Bernie was joined by the first six of his younger siblings. Bernie attended school in Oakdale all eight grades,and graduated from Modesto Adventist Academy in 1961. He attended PUC for his freshman year of College before the family moved to Lytton, BC Canada, where he spent 2 years at Canadian Union College, before returning to California and then Sedona, Arizona. He spent 2 years at La Sierra College where he graduated as a theology major in 1967.

Bernie and Lois met at La Sierra and were married June 25, 1967. They taught school together in Hillsboro, OR at Tualatin Valley Junior Academy for 3 years before Bernie decided to pursue a career in Nursing. Their oldest child, Laura, was born in Oregon a week before they left for Loma Linda University where Bernie graduated with his nursing degree in 1974. A few weeks before graduation, their second child, Stephen, was born.

Their next home was Wichita, KS, where Bernie was accepted into the Nurse Anesthesia program at Wesley Medical Center. El Dorado, KS was his first job, until 1977, when the time came to return to Oregon where his career as a CRNA was spent, working at many hospitals in the Portland area, mostly Sisters of Providence affiliated. The family was filled out when Matthew was born in 1977, and David in 1980.

Bernie was a man of many talents: music – both piano and organ, a mechanic, orchardist. He was active in the Northwest Adventist Amateur Radio Association. He was always involved at church at many different levels, whether building or teaching Sabbath School. He loved his family; both his wife and children, as well as his parents and siblings were very important to him and often in his thoughts and prayers. He enjoyed travel and took numerous trips within the US with the family, and then after the children had left home and after retirement in 2011, outside the US on various mission trips, many with Maranatha.

After a hospitalization in June when he was diagnosed with CHF, Bernie declined in health. He went to sleep in Jesus, at home surrounded by his family on August 27, 2022.

Bernie is survived by his wife of 55 years, Lois; his children, Laura, Stephen, Matthew and David; grandchildren, Benjamin, Gideon and Elizabeth Magnuson and Connor and Parker Mundall. He also leaves his siblings Larry Mundall, Dr Jon Mundall, Rosalie Schroeder, Merritt Mundall, Mary Hansen, Laurel Ann Teranski, Cindy Zimmerly, Daniel Mundall, Derrell Mundall, Sherri Mundall, Shellie Boydston, Jonathan Mundall, Jennifer Manton, and Stephanie Mundall, as well as numerous nephews, nieces, and grand nephews and nieces. Bernie was preceded in death by his parents, Raymond and Evelyn Mundall and brother Nathaniel Mundall.

Memorial Service

A memorial service will be held for Bernie Mundall on Sabbath October 8 at the Stone Tower SDA Church. There will be a fellowship meal at 1:00 PM following the Sabbath worship service. The memorial service will begin at 3:30 PM. Light refreshments to follow.

Directions and Parking

Memorial Service Program (PDF)

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Memorial Gifts

Bernie and Lois supported many ministries, but have held a special place in their heart for the following and would direct your gifts of remembrance to one of your choice.

  • MARANATHA Volunteers International – having gone on many mission trips together to places such as India, Ecudador, Argentina, Chile, Zambia, Kenya, Sao Tome, and many islands in the South Pacific, spreading the gospel, building schools and churches, and doing practical service for these people, they would encourage your support and involvement in this organization.
  • Adventist World Radio – AWR enters areas of the world otherwise inaccessible, and reaches people’s hearts through radio programs. Bernie and Lois have been longtime supporters of this ministry.
  • Come and Reason Ministries – Dr. Tim Jennings has created a ministry that is “focused on making God’s methods and principles practical, understandable, and applicable to you here and now and are dedicated to helping you learn to discern, to teach you how to think for yourself, to hone and refine your reasoning powers in order to increase your ability to know right from wrong and healthy from unhealthy.” Bernie has appreciated, shared and  grown from the principles that are presented by this ministry.


  1. Uncle Bernie himself helped to prevent my attendance at his memorial service. If he had not donated the largest part of my plane ticket that sent me to Thailand 25 years ago, I might be there near enough to attend. Meanwhile, his gift contributed to my having served for many years in Southeast Asia–for having once tasted the joy of service in these precious countries and having seen the great needs in the mission field, I have felt little desire to return to the comforts of my homeland. Thailand, Laos, Taiwan, and more might properly be added to the list of countries that have been blessed by Uncle Bernie and Aunt Lois.

    May God be present among all of you, though I be absent, as you reunite in his memory.

  2. I got to know Bernie and Lois years ago when we were all members of Tabernacle Church. Those who know me will think this out of character for me, but I have shed a few tears thinking about him since he passed, and shed some now as I type. Bernie was always soft spoken, but to the point. Little pieces of advice here and there were to be expected from him. He also had a vice-grip handshake that always impressed me, even after his stroke. His abilities at church, as well as on the organ, were always appreciated as he was so gifted.
    I know he rests now, awaiting his rise to meet his Savior, and my hope is that I will be close enough to him to receive another vice-grip handshake from him.

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